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Making Window Cleaning Fun for Kids

Having sparkling clear windows allows you to see the beauty of a sunny day, and will allow more sunlight to come in during the winter, which can help you to save energy.

Here are some ideas for how to make the job more fun for getting your kids involved with the chore of cleaning your windows.


Let them use a Super-Soaker Instead of a Hose


Kids love Super-Soakers. You know, those water shooters that can send a huge stream of water out for about 30 feet.  So let them help with the outside window washing by filling up a bucket with fresh water, and instead of rinsing the windows with a hose, let your kids spray the window down using their Super-Soaker (helpful accessory: water guns).


Use Fun Tools


Spray bottles, magic erasers, squeegees . . . for kids these can make for some fun times.  Let them pick which one they want to start with, and then mix it around to help keep things interesting for them (helpful accessories: spray bottles; squeegees).


Let Them Pick the Music


OK, so maybe you don't like Alvin & The Chipmunks, or Lady Gaga, or Miley Cyrus, or Justin Bieber.  But for your kids, letting them blast their favorite tunes . . . and maybe watching you cringe, can help make window washing a little more fun for them.

Window washing isn't the most fun household chores, but hopefully you can use one of the ideas above to help get your kids involved.  With winter approaching, you will want to at least do the outside of your windows soon.  Clean windows help let more solar radiation come though, and this can help lower you energy bills this winter.

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