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Stop Paying for Electricity 'Vampires'

They are lurking in your home, and they attack while you are sleeping, when you leave . . . well basically, they attack all the time. It's the devices which continue to suck power, even when you have their switches turned off. more

Slaying Your Worst Electricity Vampire

Did you know that it can cost you more for the electricity to keep your DVR box in standby mode, than it does for your subscription fee? This video and article discusses a smart device which allows your DVR box to turn off and on only when you need it. more

Where Your Home Energy Dollar Goes

Ever wondered where your energy dollars go in your home? This article shows you at-a-glance, so that you can focus on the areas that will give you the biggest bang-for-the-buck for reducing your home energy bill. more

7 Things That Can EXPLODE in Your Home!

If your attitude towards home maintenance is "I don’t want to know about it, unless it will keep my house from blowing up!", then you will love this article and video. In it, we will be discussing seven things that can explode in your home. more

Is Solar Energy Right For My Home?

Solar energy is catching on, thanks to increasing tax credits, the risk of higher energy prices, and the falling costs for solar panels. But its not for everyone. Here is a checklist to see if solar energy is right for your home. more